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Cotton is the only basic material of the piqué-fabric, from which the polo shirts belonging to our classic collection are made. For the manufacturing of cotton, seed fibers of different mallows are converted into cotton wool, by brushing and willowing turned into sliver. By stretching and turning the sliver, finally the cotton fiber emerges.  

The elaborate method of mercerisation is reserved to our premium-collection. In this process the cotton fabric is exposed to concentrated caustic soda. The structural changes make the cotton fabric silky and resistant as well as physically more receptive to the following coloring process.


Couleur ribbon

The ribbons we stitch on the polo shirts are custom made and chosen to fit the color of the shirt itself We avoid using couleur ribbons of existing fraternities which is not a simple task, since there are well beyond 2,000 fraternities with different color combinations all over the world. 

If there occurs a correlation to existing swatches, we make sure to use differing shades.

Couleur ribbon is weaved out of unfading, high-quality rayon. 

In the student milieu it signalizes one’s belonging to a certain fraternity, it is therefore the means of identification per se.

Discernable are beer-, wine-, and champagne-ribbons, which vary in width. Usually, there are two to three different colors to a ribbon, depending on one‘s status within the fraternity, which are hemmed with golden or silver fiber, the so-called ”percussion”.  

There are only a few German ribbon weaving mills that still produce silk fabric today, which means that this material is very rare and just good enough to grace our customers’ polo shirts.