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Counteracting the propagation of sole profit-orientation and its concomitance with the progressing degree of globalization in today’s society is of substantial importance to ProPatria.
We support Germany as the location for our production site for this very reason. By doing this, we’re expressing our unquestionable confidence in our home country and bethink of the very traits which have made Germany known throughout the world.
Workmanship and diligence are ProPatria’s priorities.
What’s more, our domestic production is creating and preserving jobs in that same country.

Ultimately, our decision is based on our concern for Germany’s competitive position as a production site in general and especially as a textiles location.  

We believe that each country should preserve its independence and therefore we want to contribute to securing and reestablishing the abovementioned structures.













We aim at a mutual profit situation: Based on the fact that quality has its value, the German textile industry has been proven a recipe for quality and craftsmanship deserving of being preserved by being paid a fair price.

Our customers deserve the following three words characterizing the purchase of our products: quality, long-term value and craftsmanship.

ProPatria understands itself as an intermediary between Old and New – between the comprehensive pool of German historiography and nowadays’ mass media-characterized society.

In a time of perceptual overload ProPatria takes an ambitious project: recognizing und narrating past days. Therefore our clothing serves as a projection surface, every single model telling its own story.